Nourish and move

I believe in keeping it simple when it comes to health and fitness.

No fad diets, or quick fixes that end up taking you back to square one. Instead, sustainable choices that contribute to long-term health benefits, whilst being able to enjoy the indulgences too. Exercise is about finding something you enjoy. For me personally, I like to focus on my strength and feeling strong, rather than looking at the tape measures and scales. I like to eat delicious, nutrient-dense foods which contribute to my health and provide me with the energy to keep up with my two young, energetic boys. I also love to indulge every now and then too, because food forms part of traditions and celebrations, which we shouldn’t restrict ourselves and not enjoy. Life is too short not to!

Think about becoming addicted to the feeling of nourishing and moving your body rather than the look of it.

Aimee x


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