Health coaching


My aim is to empower women of all ages to live a life of wellness, where they can build confidence to achieve their health goals and make positive changes that can last a lifetime.

Women are made up of so many wonderful qualities, yet our bodies also come with complicated things too; monthly cycles, pre & post-natal hormones, pre-menopause, and menopause. We are forever changing, and by building a strong foundation, you are giving yourself the best chance to overcome any of these changes.

As your health coach, we will focus on:


We will discover and unravel any roadblocks that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. We will focus on building your confidence and put an achievable plan in place to start putting yourself first. We will work on your self-care and practices to deal with stressors and everyday challenges.


You will feel more confident in your own skin by learning to love your body and everything it does for you. Building strength is the most important practice for women; it supports hormonal changes, our metabolic rate, prevents osteoporosis, and slows down aging. We will explore exercises and activities that you enjoy, focusing on what makes you feel good.


I will coach you through the key fundamentals of healthy nutrition, whilst still being able to enjoy the things you love. No fad diets, starving yourself, shakes, or pills. Just pure, healthy food that gives you more energy, better skin, and a healthy gut.

It’s not just the food we eat that affects our health, but all factors of our daily lives. Our careers, relationships, physical activity, sleep, and stress management. When these are healthy and balanced, what you eat becomes secondary. I don’t believe in making any sudden changes, they are never sustainable long term, and you often end up back at square one feeling deflated. With me, you will learn to love making healthier choices over time, move your body more, regain your energy, sleep better, and improve your overall mindset. We will set small, sustainable goals together, and you will have all the support you need to achieve them.

You will benefit from:

• A tailored mindset, body, and nutrition plan

• 2 x 1-hour video/telephone coaching sessions

• Ongoing support in-between, and post sessions

If you are interested in arranging a complimentary discussion, please email me at and I will happily respond to you within 24 hours.



“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are, and change the ending”. – C.S. Lewis.