December practice

As we head into the final month of 2020, let’s finish this year on a high*

Previously this year I have shared a few practices with you including mindfulness and gratitude meditation. These are both very powerful and they are available to you at any time.

This month, starting on December 1st, take 5-10 minutes to meditate every day, and at the end, write down 5 things you are grateful for. When New Year’s Eve arrives, you will have over 100 things on your list to reflect on and be thankful for.

I completed a 21-day meditation challenge back in June/July which was a paid course, however, there are plenty of free resources online if you are new to meditation. I personally like to meditate in the morning as it sets me up for the day ahead. Choose a time of day that suits you.

If you have never tried it before, start by finding a space that is quiet and free from distraction. Seat yourself comfortably on a chair or on the floor, and release any tension in your body. If your mind wanders (which it usually does), bring it back to the practice and your breathing. Guided meditation is a great way to start. Find one that you like, it is a personal preference. A few of my favourites are Gabby Bernstein, Amanda Frances, Louise Hay, Elena Brower, and Deepak Chopra.

Here are a few links to get you started:

Manifesting Meditation: Holding a vision of a new way of living – YouTube

lululemon | Gabby Bernstein’s everyday meditation – YouTube

A Morning Meditation with Elena Brower – YouTube

Guided Meditation on Gratitude with Deepak Chopra – YouTube

As you evolve with meditation, you will be able to practice it everywhere you go without the need of guidance. If you lose momentum, it’s great to go back to a guided meditation to get you back on track.

For this month, at the end of your meditation practice, write down 5 things you are grateful for and add to it every day. These can be anything, from the freshwater you drink, to being in nature, your loved ones, or the places you have been. Anything that springs to mind.

For me, meditation strengthens our mindfulness, and mindfulness strengthens our gratitude. These practices combined nurture our happiness.

Earlier this year I wrote a blog on mindfulness, you can view it here.

I’m going to get my two boys involved for a bit of fun too. Share with your loved ones to make this New Year’s Eve special, reflecting on the things we are most grateful for, and I hope you get to enjoy the meditation along the way.

Aimee x


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