Sleep tight

Most people I have been speaking to recently are having problems with their sleep; vivid dreams, finding it harder to fall asleep and waking in the night. This is probably because of recent challenges we’ve all had to face and having to re-adjust to our new daily routines.

It seems I am not the only one experiencing this and usually when my head hits the pillow I fall fast asleep, but lately I have had to work on it more consciously to ensure I get good, quality nights sleep.

Here are a few of my tips to help anyone who might be in the same boat:

❖ Reduce intake of caffeine in the afternoon ❖
Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and may stop your body from naturally relaxing at night.

❖ Keep active during the day ❖
Studies have proven that regular exercise can help to boost your sleep duration as well as sleep quality. Try to increase your daily exercise. If you are starting out, start small and increase it day-by-day.

❖ Limit screen time ❖
Our devices emit large amounts of blue light which effect your circadian rhythm, tricking your brain into thinking it’s still daytime. This is one I am usually very good at; switching my phone or certain apps off in the early evening until the next day and it really helps. If you enjoy TV in the evening, try turning it off 30 mins before sleep time so you can start winding down.

❖ Practice meditation or listen to sleep apps ❖
There are some great apps out there which help with sleep, I like the calm app – it has lots of variety to choose from and a timer to automatically switch off. Meditation is great for calming the mind too.

❖ Enjoy some herbal sleep tea ❖
Choose organic teas with ingredients like chamomile, lavender, valerian root, ginkgo biloba, oat flower, lemon balm, lime flower, passion flower and magnolia bark. There’s some great ones on the market, I like the Australian brand Love Tea which is also available in the UK. I use the same tea bag for up to 3 cups.

Our sleep is so important for our well-being and also our immunity. Try these tips and if you find it is not helping to improve your sleep then it might be a good idea to speak to your GP to seek further advice.

I would love to hear your sleep tips too, so please comment below ⚘

Here’s to a good nights rest,

Aimee x


You first

Putting yourself first may seem to some people a little hard to do, but with practice, you will soon discover that focusing on your self-care is so important and it will filter through into other areas of your life. It helps you to build a positive relationship with yourself and you can improve on this at any point, it is never too late. I love the saying “you cannot pour from an empty cup”. I have always lived by this, especially since becoming a Mother. I have put together my top tips to help you get started and I would love to know your thoughts too, so please comment below.

#1 Decide on your goal/s

This doesn’t have to be a huge goal, it can be as little or as big as you like and a great way to start is to write it down in a journal or book that you can refer to at any time. What would you like to do more of for yourself? Is it taking the time to focus on eating more healthily, increase your exercise, work on your mental health, or take up a new hobby? Whichever you decide, be proud of yourself that you have taken the first step. Just the act of setting a goal will naturally improve the way you feel.  

#2 Focus on your path

Focus on your path. Without a clear goal in mind it is easy to get distracted with everything being so accessible these days. Take control and bring your attention back to you and your goal. Each day spend some time just for you, even if it is just ten minutes, a small step towards your goal is better than doing nothing. Think of that time as droplets of water filling up your bucket.  Each droplet might seem so small, but over time that bucket will soon be full if you keep working on it. Try not to let the end goal overwhelm you, instead, focus on the direction you are taking towards filling up your bucket, one droplet at a time.

#3 Improve the quality of your choices

Have a look at your days a little more closely and be mindful of how you spend your time. You will soon discover any bad habits that have formed or might be forming. An example could be, an hour a day scrolling on your devices mindlessly could be replaced with an hour spent working on your goal. Improving the quality of your choices will soon shift your bad habits and create space for things which add more value to your life.

#4 Get organised

Being organised sounds simple but it does take practice to cultivate healthy habits. Planning ahead will naturally make you feel clear-minded and on top of things. Writing to-do lists are helpful, meal planning for the week and doing simple tasks the night before means you are already one step ahead for the next day. If you struggle to find time for yourself and you are already organised, try to reconsider your routines. Could you shuffle them around to squeeze in an hour for you? The great news is, everyone has 24 hours in a day and no-one in this world has been given any more than you. It is how you manage your time that counts.

#5 Progress, not perfection

If we are always striving for perfection, we will constantly feel exhausted.  Too often we can finish our days and weeks thinking about what we haven’t accomplished.  At the end of each day, acknowledge yourself for what you have achieved. Simple things like I cooked a healthy dinner for my family, I went for a run and managed to read a chapter of my book. They can seem small, but these are all achievements! Focus on your progress and what you have achieved. These simple shifts in your thoughts will improve your mindset and will give you the motivation to keep working towards your goal.

I hope these tips can help you to start taking positive steps towards putting you first.

I am currently working on spending more time meditating. I have practiced it on and off for a few years but now more than ever I know that it needs to become part of my daily self-care. I have just finished a 21-day meditation challenge and I really enjoyed it. There were a few days where I fell behind and I had to catch up, but I’m proud that I finished it and I’m going to do it again.

I would love to hear how you find time for yourself and what personal goals you are working towards.

Thank you for reading,

Aimee x